The third year of Cultural Behaviour: Tools for Friendship has come to an end. The last meeting took place in March (19th-24th) in Torun and the countries participating were Sweden, Italy and Germany.

The programme of the meeting included visits to Gingerbread Museum, Planetarium, the Old Town and a carrot-processing company called MARWIT. Apart from that, there were plenty of other activities such as interactive and hands-on experiments in Orbitarium, preparing PowerPoint presentations on the following topics: “The attitude of the young towards current issues such as smoking and taking drugs.” and “We, the citizens of Europe: do you see yourself as a EU citizen or would you rather keep your political/social/regional identity?”

The students prepared and then greatly enjoyed a performance showing their national stereotypes “We, the Citizens of Europe.” while the teachers kindly agreed to be the jury of the 4th Regional Language Contest “Poliglota w Liceum.”

The time passed extremely quickly and we all enjoyed all the activities, going out together, getting to know each other.

The ice was definitely broken.

Comenius Project Team

The meeting for ` Tools for friendship` meeting was fairly curious experience which let me overcome language barriers and also to get to know really cool people and their habits, traditions and approach which we shared together. We prepared a performance about stereotypes and presentation about taking drugs and smoking that allowed me know prohibitions and injunctions in the countries of the European Union. Our free time was always filled with the entertainment so that we could get to know each other better. In my view, such exchange should be organized more frequently. Of course now we are in email contact!
Ola Murawska

Last "Tools for friendship" meeting allowed me to get to know some incredibly interesting people and diverse cultures. We worked together at school, where we prepared a performance about stereotypes and made powerpoint presentations about smoking and taking drugs. We also managed to observe and experience our Polish and Torun heritage - in all possible ways! We cooked gingerbread cookies together, had some hands-on experience in Obserwatorium abut also played quite a bit of ten-pin bowling and other games. It was a great experience. Now I have an email contact with new friends and we are planning unofficial meeting in July. GREAT!
Wojtek Osłowski