Dear Diary…I will never forget the April Fool Day. That day started very nicely , because it was a sunny and quite warm day.
When I got up everything was okay and I didn’t have any suspicions. I decided to make scrambled eggs. I asked my parents if they wanted too, but they didn’t. My father stared to laugh loudly…I went to the kitchen, a tried to take an egg….but I couldn’t. It was so bizarre…”Why can’t it go out?”- I asked myself. I crushed an eggshell and I saw that it is a boiled egg. I became more and more furious, because I was very hungry. A few minutes later my father said to me “April’s Fool My Darling!”
Two hours later my friend Damian phoned and asked me if I wanted to meet with him. I agreed. We always meeting in the same place. I went there immediately. He looked so nervous…Damian said that he saw a murder. I became terrified. It could be truth, because Damian had never lied to me. I asked him where it happened and we went there very quickly. When we got there I saw Damian’s brother who was lying in a pool of blood. I was terrified. I wanted to help him, but this blood was so bizarre…
When I touched it I realized that it is ketchup. I was so furious.Damian’s brother got up and said April’s Fool Marta! It wasn’t funny. I was angry with them. Awful guys… And it was my April’s Fool Day.

Marta Lipiecka, 2 la



Monday, April 02, 2007

Dear Diary!
Last weekend was really nice and definitely not boring! ?
On Saturday I, Kamila and Magda were at the concert of ‘Happysad’ and it was great fun! After the concert we got posters with the autographs specially for us. Unfortunately, I remarked there one, really worrying thing. Namely, a lot of young people were there only to drink and smoke. I think that it’s no point! Without these things, we can spend our free time equally well. I want to write not only about this evening, but also about yesterday – April Fool’s Day. I succeeded in playing jokes on my friends and my family too. I fooled my friends, that during the concert somebody pushed me, I fell down and broke my leg. In the beginning they didn’t believe and everyone wrote to me: You can’t fool me! But then, I sent them messages with the photo, on which the leg was in plaster. They of course thought, that it was mine. Before the midnight I wrote to them, that it was joke. I framed also my parents, because I sent them the message : “ I WILL BE THE MOTHER” and after a few minutes I wrote : ''...but godmother of course, in 2009''
Some people also wanted to fool me, but they couldn’t manage to do this

Monika Dokurno, 2 la



31st March

Dear Diary,
Today was the first really hot day after winter. I decided to go cycling alone. I was so excited! It was a sunny day and during the ride I felt pleasing wind on my face. A remarkable feeling! I stopped for a moment to take a rest. Suddenly I noticed that I have a hole in the tyre and the air is escaping.. I didn’t know what should I do! Without my mobile phone, money.... and sandwiches I was helpless. I had to walk five kilometres on foot. I had never been so angry.. It was a very exhausting day.
See you tomorrow ;)

1st April

Dear Diary,
The Palm Sunday and the April Fool’s Day in one! We have almost overslept for High Mass. The result -I forgot about my ‘April fool’. I put forward indication of alarm clock.
My whole family had preparing Easter Palm all week. We wanted to win the competition for the tallest Palm in parish. The result was stunning. The Palm was wonderful and it was four metres tall.
The major task was entrusted to me.. I had to carry it. Unfortunately, when I got in to the church I forgot about door frame. My shout didn’t help! It was too late... the Palm broke into two pieces. Although, surprise was for everybody because we WON!! After this, the whole family celebrated.
After awkward beginning I had a pretty nice ending of this riveting weekend.
Bye ;)

Daria Kubiak, 2 la


''Crazy weekend''
31st March was a really interesting day. In the morning after I had woken up I heard some noise. I couldn’t now imagine what sound it was but I’m sure it wasn’t normal. There were many things which could happen. Suddenly a horrible noise was near me. In my mind there was only one thing „what will be if this terrible noise means this is a ghost!?”. I had many thoughts and I felt lonely. I considered there must be somebody from my family.

After that I heard some other bad sound and it was something like steps of my grandfather in slipperes. All at once in the door of my room appered a big figure with something weird in hands. Fortunately, it was my brother with a tray and on that tray there was a big plate with a soft-boiled egg and with a crunchy roll. The noise which I had heard was thanks to my brother because he had been peeling an egg for me. The eggshell made that bad noise, can you imagine it? I was laughting all the time. My brother wanted to be nice and he was but I was terrified unnecessarily.

1st April was a warm day. I woke up and felt better than before because I saw beautiful sun. Everything was simple and there was only one thing which I wanted to do, buying Easter palm. I went to church and bought an amazing palm in front of the church. After the Mass I went home. I relaxed and I thought it was a scary Saturday and a peaceful Sunday.

Marta Lewandowska, 2 la


''My Diary''
1.04. 23:11
Wrrr bad daaay!
Today I woke up at 9.00 o’clock. Of course my “sweet” mother lifted the blinds and “sweet” sun landed on my face so I had to get up. I relished free Saturday chatting, when suddenly I heard my alarm from mobile phone, which means that my trainer is calling, I receive…. (I thought: “Oh god !! did I forget about some performance?):
-Jasmine ?...
-Yes. Hello
-You know that our competition (of dancing) is next Saturday ?
-So tell me If you and Paula start in category of duets?
The next call :
-Hi Jasmine!
-mhm yeah…… did you know that our competition is NEXT SATURDAY?
- yeah.. WHAT? Aaaaa! What about our duet?
-I’m coming to you know See You (…)
So I took everything ( I thought I took everything) and ran to the nearest bus stop.
I got onto the bus. After 10 minutes I saw that the bus was going the different way.
So I got off at the next stop. Instead of being in “Wrzosy” I was on “Rapackiego” square. When I drove into the THIRD bus I heard “tickets checking!”…… ! I forgot my monthly ticket!
When I arrived at Paula (after 2 hours) I heard that I left behind music to our duet… ! So we had to dance as a dry run. But not only did I have bad day, because Paula : broke chandelier, diffused juice on a postman and… she lost her keys from home. In the evening, when we finished our duet I heard the alarm…
I receive……
-APRIL’ S FOOL DAY Jasmine!! Dance competition in on 21.05…….
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jaśmina Tomaszewicz, 2 la


31st of March 2007
Day like any other. Breakfast, tidying the room, dinner, some TV. Only in the evening there was some entertainment. My sis had her 7th birthday. Unfortunately, there were a lot of sweets, cakes. Too much. But I tasted all of them. I was eating until they made me sick and I couldn’t sleep at night. I’m going to the CONCERT !!!, 3rd of July will be the best day in my life

1st of April 2007
Hahaha…April Fools Day. Only my sis was doing stupid jokes, like:’ You Have a BIIIIIG whole in the skirt!!. I looked at my skirt (I forgot about that day) and she told with full, satisfaction: hahaha April Fools Day. Yeah, it was really funny. Because of my sisters birthday our dad took us to the CIRCUS !! After 10 years I went to the circus. When I came into tent I felt strange. I can’t describe this, but it was nice. The clown was the best. He was both stupid and funny as well. He had a little vacuum cleaner and he started cleaning one woman, in one moment it stopped working. He didn’t know what was going on, so he opened it and inside there was a bra. There were of course animals, for example: camels, which stinked very much and beautiful horses. The new trick was BIG ILLUSION. In a big box there was a woman. A man threw a rag in the air and he was inside and the woman was out of box. Then the woman threw a rag and inside there were a man and 2 other women. It was a miracle, fantastic and amazing. The worst thing was that the leader looked like Jarosław Jakimowicz.

Marta Rygielska, 2 la


Dear Diary . . .

Saturday 7th April
Today I woke up at 9 o’clock. Opening my eyes I realised that I had a great reason to be happy because we as students have 11 days free from school. After breakfast and morning activities I started to prepare for my classes. Every Saturday I give English lessons to little children and some older teenagers. I love it. Today as always I went to Natalia and Eliza. I think they both enjoyed our lessons. They were well prepared and willing to started lesson. “Well done” I said after checking their homework. I had for them some writing exercises and listening too. I think I can be proud of myself because they only get 6 and 5+ at school.
After one and half hours I had the next student. Justyna she’s a nice teenage girl. I know that I have to teach her a lot. But I don’t worry she seems to start liking English, thanks to our lessons? We finished our lesson. However, we didn’t finish talking she spent about 5 hours at my home. Can you imagine that? We have a lot of in common and we could talk hours and hours.

Sunday 8th April
My morning began later than yesterday. I woke up something about 11 o’clock. I had to rest. Sometimes I appreciate this kind of pleasure. But, usually I wake up a lot earlier.
I spent the whole afternoon making general orders in my room. It needed it very much. I like tiding up my room to the accompaniment of a loud music. I finished just about 6 pm. Then I went to church of The Pauline Fathers. I used to go there every Sunday but during school time it takes me too much time to get there. The Mass began at 8pm and lasted till 10pm. I know that duration is a bit different than in other churches maybe because this is especially for the young.
What makes me willing to go there is a special atmosphere which doesn’t exist in any other church. You can listen to and sing with the band which is always on this mass. And fathers who always have something interesting and curious to tell us. I appreciate The Pauline Fathers because they do their work with passion.

Rafał Szczypiński, 2 la


WEEKEND DIARY: 31st March-1st April

Today I got up as every Saturday at 10am. First I had my breakfast and went for a walk with the dog. When I was walking down the street I met some really handsome boy who also walked with a dog. There was a very fanny situation because my dog ran around me and I dropped down next to this boy’s legs. I thought that he would start laugh but fortunately he helped me to get up and he saw me off to my house. During the walk we were talking nicely.
A few hours later I went with my friend to the city centre. We were walking along the Boulevard and then I saw this boy. He was sitting on a bench and kissing a girl. I felt disappointed but I tried to stop thinking about him. After it I came back home and saw this boy again. He also was sitting on a bench but with another girl. I couldn’t believe because I have never seen such a stud as he was.
The next day I went with my mum to church because it was a Palm Sunday. The church looked amazing everybody took in hands colorful Palmas and there were a few in flowerpots.
After the mass I was watching TV when I got the message from my friend who wrote me that she broke her leg. At first I thought that it was a joke because it was a April Fool’s Day but my friend was really serious so I started to believe her. I worried about Monika and I wanted to visit her so I went to her house and when I knocked the door my friend opened but she didn’t have plaster on her leg. I felt baleful and shafted but later we started to laugh together from this situation.
When I came back home there was waiting for me some another surprise. My brother told me that my mother is pregnant. I was shocked but also cheerful so I went to the baby’s shop and bought a crawler. Later I gave it to my mother and I said that it was a great information that I will have again a sibling but my mother started laugh because she didn’t know what I was talking about and then my brother said that it was a “prima aprilis” joke.
It was a really wired weekend!!

Monika Czajkowska, 2 la

Palm Sunday and Aprils Fool Day

My Easter was very interesting. With the Palm Sunday coming the whole of my family was happy and satisfied.
In the morning my younger brother looked for Easter Bunny. He got a lot of sweets and a wonderful small truck from the “Bunny”. Luckily, my parents and I received some gifts too. They were sweets and Easter eggs. Unfortunately to get the Easter eggs, we had to find them. That was very funny, because my brother- Szymon prepared the Easter eggs earlier and he hid them under a spruce in the garden.
After that, we ate solemnly breakfast and then went to the church. We took Palm tree with us. After the mass, we went to my grandma’s for a delicious lunch. This is a tradition in my family.
Every year my family meet at my grandma’s and everyone spends this day together. We always tell jokes and talk about politics. We come back to our house late at night not sooner than 7 pm.
I spend The April Fool Day differently every year. Sometimes I just stay at home or I go to my friends. But this April Fool Day I spent at home with my cousin. In the morning my brother came to our bedroom. He splashed cold water on us while we were still sleeping. Monika- my cousin started to chase him. When she caught him, she took a bottle with cold water from him and poured out all the water on him. Firstly, Szymon started to cry but after a while he laughed very loud. Everyone started to laugh with him.
These few days free from school were very funny. I like Easter a lot and now I’m looking forward to the next Easter.

Klauda Beyger, 1 la

It's Our Weekend

A dream weekend came after a hard, full of learning week. I was looking forward to this, because I finally could go to the country to my friend-Aga. We made an appointment

I was about to come to her. 30th March. We were going to meet in the shop centre in order to buy some new clothes. We met ourselves near the Mikołaj Kopernik’s monument.

We bought some ice-creams and went shopping. We got to her house by bus. Getting off, we met our friends who suggested that we should have gone for a walk with them. We found it a great idea, because the weather was wonderful. The sun was shining and the sky was clear. We went with them to a park. Birds were singing beautifully. We felt the smell of spring.

We decided to pick up some flowers, which turned out to be very useful for Easter preparing later. When we returned, we were very hungry so we ate a delicious dinner that my friend’s mum had prepared before. After dinner we started making Easter palm which we brought to the Church following day. Unfortunately while we were making it, we had not got enough glue and tissue-paper. We had to run quickly because it was already dark and all shops would be closed in ten minutes. We were running when suddenly my friend twisted her ankle, because she fell down.

She stayed whilst I ran alone. Fortunately I managed to get there before closing. On our way home we called by mobile phone for her parents. After getting back home we finished our palm which was very pretty. There were flowers both made of tissue-paper and from the garden. We washed ourselves and went to bed, but we could not sleep, so we started talking and gossiping.

When it got really late we fell asleep. Aga’s parents woke us up. They invited us for a breakfast. We went to Church of course carrying our Easter palm. We were coming back home When Aga’s parents made us a joke. We completely forgot about Prima Aprilis!

Time is passing by very quickly and everything what is good ends quickly. Unfortunately I had to go home, because my bus was to leave soon. When we went to a bus stop we met our friends who told us that my bus had left. I didn’t believe them, thinking about Prima Aprilis but unfortunately it was the truth. We had to wait half an hour for the next one. When it arrived, we said goodbye and I returned home. I will remember with a pleasure this spring day and Prima Aprilis jokes.

Agnieszka Stepowska & Agnieszka Wierzbicka, 1lc

April Fool`s Day

April Fool`s Day is a very funny day. When I weak up I think how I can fool somebody. I try to fool every person I meet, without strange people of course. But I must look out. My mother and my sister are trying to fool me too but most of the time I don`t belive them. In the evening I watch the news because they make a jokethere every year. This year they said that our best ski jumper don`t want to jump any more but I knew that they were trying to fool us.

Palm Sunday

On Palm Sunday in the morning I go with my family to the church witch a little palm. Our palm mostly consists of coloured cereal. After church we go for a dinner to our family or they all come to us. After the dinner I go with my cousins and my brother and sister for a walk to the forest. When we come back, cake and coffee or tea wait for us. Then at about 7 o`clock the guests go home and we have to do the washing up. I think it`s a nice day.

Marta Dawidowska, 1la