I usually wake up at 6 o’clock. I go to the bathroom where I brush my teeth and wash my face. I brush and straighten my hair. Then I get dressed and pack my books in a bag. Next I go to the kitchen and eat cornflakes with milk and drink tee. I leave the house and I rush to a bus stop. I start lessons at 7.45 a.m. and spend seven hours at school. When I get home, I eat dinner with my mother. Then I do my homework. Later I go to the gym. I am at home at 10 p.m. I’m very tired and take a bath. Next I use the Internet and talk with my friends. Then I go to sleep.

Magda Roszak kl. 1la

I want to describe my day – Monday. I always get up at 7 o’clock. After that I wash my teeth and face. At 7.25 I have breakfast and put on my T-shirt, blue trousers and white shoes. At 7.40 I go to the bus stop and I arrive at school. I always have eight lessons. On Monday I have: Geography, Mathematics, Sport, Sport, Science, Biology, Polish and Polish. After school I go home. At home I have dinner. Always after dinner I go to a gym. I love running and jumping. I train high jump. I love it! After the training I do my homework and I have supper. After that I watch TV, surf the Internet and sometimes I listen to the radio. I like pop and rock music. Sometimes I go for a walk with my sister. I love being in the fresh air. At 10 pm I go to bed and sleep.

Magdalena Tułodziecka kl. 1la

It's Friday. I wake up at 7 o'clock, rather reluctantly. I wash, get dressed and I have a sandwich or cornflakes for breakfast. I go to the bus stop at 8 o'clock, because I start lessons at 8.35. I have only four lessons and I'm very happy, because after school I have more time for myself. The day at school is rather monotonous and uninteresting. I finish lessons at 12.15. After school I go shopping with my sister. About 2 pm I'm at home. About 3 pm I have a tasty dinner. After dinner I go walking with my friend. Afterwards I start preparing for my friend’s party. When I’m ready I go with other friends to a party. At the party I have a good time. After a few hours I come back home. I’m so tired, but very happy. Then I wash and I go to bed. Fridays are nice.

Milena Meler kl. 1la

Tuesday I get up at 6 o'clock. After shower I get dressed, eat breakfast and pack bag to school. Later I usually go out with my dog. Than I go to school. In general, I start lessons at 7.45 and I have 8 classes: biology, math, German, geography, chemistry, religion, English and polish. I came back from school about 3 p.m. Later I eat dinner and do my homework. Then I have some free time to relax. After English school I meet my friends. We often play volleyball or basketball. In the evening I eat cornflakes and drink tee than I surf on the internet, listen music or just watch TV, because I am really tired. After shower I go to bed at 11.30 p.m.

Magda Kochanowska kl. 1la

Every Monday I wake up at 6.30 o’clock. First of all I get dressed than I brush my teeth and wash my face. If I have enough time , I eat breakfast. All this things takes me about 30 minutes. Next my mum give me a lift to the bus stop. In the bus I meet my friends and we ride to the school together. Lessons starts at 7.45. On Monday I have very difficult subjects; mathematic, geography, physics, biology and Polish. I come back home about 4p.m . Than my mum makes delicious lunch and I have free time for relax . At 6p.m. I go to English course. About 8p.m. I’m back at home. Then I spend time learning. When I finish learning I take a shower and I pack my books into the rucksack. Later I talk a few minutes with my friends on “gadu-gadu”. If on TV there is an interesting movie , I watch it. About 12p.m. I go sleep.

Dobrawa Kisielewicz kl. 1la

My alarm clock goes off at six-I must get up. At quarter past six I'm eating delicious scrambled eggs with chives for breakfast. After that I go to the bathroom to brush my teeth, wash hands and face. When I finish it is twenty past seven and I must go to school, because lessons start in twenty minutes. At school I have eight lessons: Polish, English, physics, mathematics, biology, history, geography and chemistry. Well when I'm back from school I'm very exhausted-but after dinner I quickly gain strength and I can do my homework and help my aunt with housework. When we finish I talk with my friends on the Internet because it is dark and I should stay at home. It is half eight my sister Agata prepares colorful and very healthy sandwiches with vegetables for supper. At 10 pm we finish washing the dishes and I can go to bed.

Krysia Kowalska kl. 1la

Today is Friday. I get up at half past six. First I go to the bathroom and brush my teeth quickly. Then I get dressed, brush my hair and go for a walk with my dog. When I return, I go to the kitchen and eat breakfast. After that I feed my dog. Then I go to school. It’s a short way from home that’s way I go there on foot. I usually start lesson at 7 o’clock a.m. Today I have 4 lessons: two histories and two Polish lessons. During a long break I can eat my second breakfast and listen to music. I come back to home afternoon and eat my delicious dinner. After that I usually go upstairs to my room and do my homework. Later I help my mother clean up home and then play with my younger brother. He is very funny. Sometimes I take a walk with my friends or just go out with them e.g. to the cinema. When I’m exhausted I listen to music and lie down. In the evening I have a supper. After that I take a shower, brush my teeth and spend so time at the computer. At 11p.m. I go to bed. I love Friday, because at the end this day I often go out with my friend and finally take it easy!!!

Klaudia Beyger kl. 1la